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In addition to our core IT management and support, it has been a normal progress to manage all aspects of our client internet services.

F1 IT Group was one of the first companies in IT management that was not an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to offer domain name hosting, website hosting and email hosting without the use of third party providers eg Bigpond, IINET or Optus to mention a few.

Many service provider try to take the extra cheaper option and then use overseas providers in countries like USA, India etc that have very cheap services.  Many new clients of our have been burnt when these companies have gone broke, closed because they are not 24 X7 and/or slow server TTL updates of 24 - 72 hours.

F1 IT Group being totally independent we can have faster TTL updates of 1 hour and take responsibility for maintenance and changes without a 3rd party.

In 2007 we commence a web development division, which has been very successful and rewarding. Website development until 2007 we made an effort to stay away because it did require a totally different IT skill and inclusion of graphic design. Please do not get me started on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)!

In the lead up to 2007, we found a large number of our client very unhappy with their web site developers in quality of work, quality of hosting, general communication and after sales/implementation support.  Web site developers truly as a generalization have become worse than 1970's use care sales man.

F1 IT Group aims to clean up the industry and provide a comprehensive service, excellent hosting and ongoing support / development that would be required with the project.

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