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F1 IT Group has installed many VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) systems.  There are a number of choices and we have ensured with our experiences you have the flexibility and the right choice for a phone system.

Most personal and businesses do not realize that the new phone system they just purchased from a mainstream supplier called "digital" phone system is in fact a VOIP system.  The fact is you are not getting the saving passed on that they are getting. 

VOIP has a bad name and this is the reason that companies like Telstra will not use the word VOIP.  They are in-fact very good at implementing VOIP and follow some basic and very correct procedures.

F1 IT Group follows some very basic rules and these are similar to the larger suppliers.  The only difference F1 IT Group has is it pass on to your the saving that other companies do not.  Some of the advantages F1 IT Group have with our options are:

1. Increased competition with VOIP Trunk (Lines) rentals
2. Increase competition with local, national and overseas call rates
3. Flexible PBX options
4. Flexibility to change suppliers in future if required

F1 IT Group has solutions that are total Virtual VOIP PBX solutions or Local VOIP PBX solution.  Total virtual PBX means you have no phone system in your office, you only have the handsets.  This is a good solution for a business that has 5 phones or less.  Functionality in most cases will be more than a traditional PBX.

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