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Online Backup Solutions

Online backup solutions are getting better in a functionality and cloud (Online) service providers providing service cheaper / faster services than previously.  These products would typically have a very high establishment and ongoing monthly fee.

Now; every business should and can have an automated online backup even if it is only for its most critical data. 

A company we have used is Cyber -Secure, see below some of their sevice offerings.


The simple way to backup your files, designed specifically to be the cost-effective and secure way of protecting files & documents, CyberSecure Standard edition compresses, encrypts and stores your data safely to our high integrity Australian data centres.

CyberSecure exclusively uses premium datacentres and your files will be stored in the same facilties as major government agencies and large corporates.

Using AES-256 encryption with a secret password, your data is readable only by you and is accessible all the time - ready for when you need it most.

Supports all leading platforms,CyberSecure Standard runs on Windows XP, Vista, 2003 and 2008.

New! Windows 7 support - ensuring you're covered no matter what platform you're on.

Apple OS X® is also supported on v10.4 and above.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Automatic backup Simply pick the files, set the schedule and your data is backed up.
  • Easy-to-use The CyberSecure software has been designed with the novice user in mind. Backing up and recovering data is effortless and can be done in just a few clicks.
  • Telephone helpdesk Our expert engineers are ready to assist you with world-class technical support & helpdesk services.
  • Storage in high-integrity data centres Your data is stored in the very same facilities used by Australian banks, major corporations and government agencies.
  • Data Encryption Ensures total secrecy of information protected with 256-bit encryption.
  • Data compression Reduces your data down to a minmum size to ensure the fastest backups.
  • Previous versions Enables recovery of past versions of documents and files from a specific date or a range of dates.
  • No contract period The service is delivered on a month-to-month basis, allowing you to change plans at any stage.

 Other forms of backupsmedia that would be a traditonal or complement to online backups may be:

External hard drives
External hard drives are fast backup devices, meaning that full backups of large amounts of data can be performed on a daily schedule.

Hard drives require you to manually take data offsite, however, they are one of the cheapest backup solutions.

Tape Backup
Tape backup is a very popular medium for backing up larger amounts of data.

Functioning very similar to audio cassette tape drives, a tape data backup drive stores data by encoding it magnetically onto the tape.

Sequential access,Unlike hard-drives, tapes can only be read and written sequentially, meaning they need to fast-forward/rewind to seek to the appropriate position on the tape.

For example, if a file needed to be recovered from a tape, the tape drive would need to wind the tape to exactly the correct position and read the magnetic code from the ribbon to retrieve the file.

Drawbacks of tape-based backupTape suffers from slow seek performance due to its sequential nature. Hard drives and solid-state drives offer better performance as they can seek randomly.
The constant physical fast-forward/rewinding nature of tape backup can cause what's known as a "shoe-shining effect". This causes transfer speeds to suffer, as the tape drive must slow down to read the same amount of data and eventually will wear the tape out and cause data to be unreadable.
Tapes are very sensitive to heat. This becomes a major problem when tapes are often stored in fire-proof safes.
During a fire the tape may not be destroyed, however when it comes to recover from the tape, the recovery operation fails due to the magnetic encoding being eroded from the extreme heat in the fire.

Data backup tapes have a maximum non-operating temperature of 66C exceeding these limits will render the backup data useless.

Tape requires tape-transport and fossil-fuels to take offsite.

Network/direct Attached Storage (NAS)
Network and disk attached storage are more expensive solutions.

These solutions are more robust than external hard drives as they ensure the data is backed up to another machine across the network.

NAS/DAS solutions are generally not encrypted, nor are they designed to operate over a slow internet link, so this means a fast network is required to allow the backup to complete in a reasonable time.

NAS backup solutions are not designed for offsite backup, so the user still needs to manually transport data away from the primary storage location. However they are commonly used in a online backup solution to storage images of backups ready to be transferred online.  (such products could be shadow protect)

Writeable/re-writeable optical media
Optical media has been around since the 1980's and was a quantum leap in storage capacity when the CD was first released.

Optical media can be great for archiving due to its inherent WORM (write once read many) design, however it's difficult to use as a primary backup for regularly updated information.

Optical media is best suited for archival purposes, however the limited data capacity of optical media could be an issue for massive data archiving.


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