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F1 IT GROUP is your complete IT partner. Our portfolio of clients range from small businesses to leading retailers, national companies and international companies. 

Our level of involvement from client to client varies from adhoc (reactive) support to facility management (preventative and reactive) support. In addition our role may only to include to work with and provide support with established Project or IT Managers within such firms.

The partners of F1 IT GROUP are supported by teams of highly experienced technicians and office personnel, ensuring you have access to professional advice at all times. Our aim is to provide our clients with outstanding services beyond the capacity of IT firms.

Whether you are starting a new business, restructuring your existing systems and applications, F1 IT GROUP has the expertise to provide you with innovative and integrated solutions.

Consulting for an IT system could be required for a number of reasons that may include:

  • Corrective Maintenance - This means taking a step back and stop patching a computer system that is more than capable of meeting your requirements. This in-turn will lead to a action plan to correct your system in both time, cost and requirements.
  • IT Review/Audit - An IT review is an in-depth review of your system to audit the hardware and software you currently have and use. An IT review is normally required at the end of a life-cycle of your computer system. This can vary in depth based on the existing system and size. An IT review will focus not only updating what you currently have but take data traffic analysis, interview users and management to mention a few. The results of an IT review will in turn lead to a RFT (Request for Tender) document of all your requirements. This will ensure you have an exact understanding of your requirements, options and approximated costing.
  • Post Implementation Review/Audit - A post implementation audit is normally instructed after a new system has been installed and does not meet expectations. This means producing a report similar to the IT Review/Audit report, researching the hardware and software requirements and the procedures and options selected during implementation. This is turn will give an opinion on the implementation and the expected corrective action that should be taken.

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