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Customer Testimonials

F1 IT Group has many prodicts assocate with Anti-Spam solutions. 

Your anti-spam solution should be what is known a customer "zero administration".

This means your solutions blocks spam that is NOT spam or block real email so infrequent  you do not even question the solution.

We use 2 main products call Hosted Email Security (IMHS) from Trendmicro and Symantec Email Security.Cloud.

See below some product information from their websites

Trend Micro™ Hosted Email Security


Stop spam. Save time. Sleep easy.

Trend Micro™ Hosted Email Security is a no maintenance required solution that delivers continuously updated protection to stop spam and viruses before they reach your network.

With core technologies rated #1 for antispam and #1 for anti-malware, according to independent benchmarking, Trend Micro Hosted Email Security protects more than 30,000 companies in more than 110 countries worldwide, and includes an industry-leading money-back Service Level Agreement.

Hosted Email Security is the new name for
InterScan Messaging Hosted Security (IMHS).

Key Features 

Stop spam Helps you reclaim productivity and bandwidth
Save time Helps free your time to implement critical business initiatives
  • No maintenance required since Trend Micro experts continuously implement all updates, patches and hot fixes 24x7
  • Spam quarantine managed by end users - not IT staff
Sleep easy Gives you peace of mind
  • 100% service availability with no more than one minute of mail delivery latency
  • World-class datacenters in North America and Europe with multiple data privacy certifications including SAS 70 Type ll and ISO 9001
  • Trend Micro Smart Protection Network to rapidly identify new threats and continuously improve protection against known threats

Certified Data Privacy

All our datacenters are covered by privacy policies which meet the world’s most stringent certifications.

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Cloud Email Security
  • Stop spam and email-borne viruses before they reach your network
  • Protect data through industry-leading content filtering, email encryption and archiving
  • Guaranteed service performance and availability
  • No hardware or software required

Email Security in the Cloud

Email is a critical business tool, unfortunately also the target of a growing number and increasingly sophisticated range of email security threats including blended threat attacks, which originate through email and then infect systems via the Web.

Symantec Email services deliver cloud-based email security solutions, providing the most advanced protection against data loss, viruses, malware, phishing and spam—all without the hassle and expense of managing additional hardware or software.

Complete Email Security - to meet your business needs

There is a Symantec Email Security solution for every email infrastructure, from small business through to enterprise solutions, covering a range of platforms including Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino and Groupwise.

The Symantec Email Security solution supports every email infrastructure environment, from small business through to enterprise organisations, covering a range of platforms including Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino and Groupwise.

Email Security- Malware & Virus Protection- learn more

  • 100% protection against both known and unknown viruses, zero-hour protection
  • Unique ‘Link following’ feature- scanning of URLs within emails for potential links to malware
  • Proprietary Skeptic predictive technology, delivers protection against new and unidentified virus threats

Email Security- Industry leading Spam Filter- learn more

  • Over 99% of email spam stopped with no more than 0.0003% false positives
  • Multi-layered spam defences, ensuring long-term, always-on network protection
  • Traffic management capabilities to protect bandwidth
  • Skeptic predictive technology detects and rejects spam from unknown and new sources

Email Security- Email Content & Image Filter- learn more

  • Prevent data loss through industry-leading outbound content and attachment filtering
  • Establish and enforce acceptable use policies for groups or individual users through email filtering settings
  • Protect against exposure to distasteful images through inbound and outbound image analysis

Email Encryption- Secure Email- learn more

  • Boundary Encryption provides secure encryption of email communications with nominated external departments or organizations
  •  Policy Encryption automatically encrypts sensitive data using the custom policies you create.

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